[Guest blog by Michael!]

Everyone seems to have a horror story about dealing with Comcast customer service, but in the 2 years I’ve dealt with them, I had always had relatively pleasant experiences. Sure, the first time they were supposed to come set up my cable they didn’t and I had to wait around for a week with no internet access, and sure they tried to tell me I wasn’t using an authorized cable box even though they gave it to me, but hey—mistakes happen, right? Every six months I’ll get on the live chat and threaten to switch to AT&T U-Verse, and every six months they keep giving me the promotional rate. In short, Comcast and I have had a relatively painless relationship. Yesterday, that all changed.

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I have a confession to make: this summer, I am working as a telephone interviewer for a market research company.  And it is miserable, miserable work, second only to the dreaded telemarketer (though not by much), and only because we’re not actually selling anything, just calling you at your workplace, probably at the busiest time of day, to ask you inane questions about chicken patties or insulation or legal journals or whatever the whogivesafuck du jour is.

I hate every minute, not only because it’s mind-numbingly dull and repetitive, but because I am completely and utterly aware of what a GIGANTIC PAIN IN THE ASS I AM.  Seriously, I get it–you’re Very Busy and Important and can’t be bothered to talk to me.  It’s fine, really it is.  I don’t give enough of a shit about this job to take it personally.  Every now and then I talk to a person who realizes that yes, these market research surveys are actually designed to benefit them, but most of my day is spent grappling with secretaries protecting their precious masters from the Evol Pseudo-Telemarketer who wants just a mere moment of their time.  Most people that I speak with, thankfully, are polite, if wary–if they’re not interested, they tell me, I say thanks, and we both go about our merry ways, both parties relatively unscathed.

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And now, for my first dose of bitchiness! …and it’s musicology-related, womp womp.  I can almost guarantee that most of the rants contained in this blog will not pertain to my field of study, but since this particular gripe ties into so many things that I hate with a passion, and ergo, warrants cusses a-plenty, I figured this was the appropriate place for it.

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Bitchiness to come!  I’m currently mulling over our last reading group, the article we read, and butthurt Christians.  Stay tuned!